My gallery

On this page you will find moments that left a mark on me. Moments that I will never forget. Expressed in words and pictures.

A memorable time in New York City.

This is the city of all cities – for me. As soon as I am there I feel comfortable and free. I feel home. NYC is not only Manhattan. It is so much more. This is the reason why NYC is for me one of the most unique places in the world.

Seattle. A city that has won my heart.

This city combines so many different elements. This is what makes Seattle a special place. Mountains, water and the big city life have convinced me. The surrounding area with all the sightseeing possibilities are a good reason to visit.

The nature conveys a feeling of freedom.

At the same time they convey power, strength and consistency. A mountain panorama is a unique view that changes by taking a few steps.

Iceland – A beautiful island.

Iceland is one of the newer “tourist hotspots”. If you dare to go your own way you will find more isolated places. A great way to experience the real beauty of this island.

… There will follow a lot more insights here. Insights into my personal gallery of unique places. Stay tuned!