Sports, especially swimming, accompanies me for over 20 years.
After 17 years of competitive swimming at state level I began my journey outside the pool as project and social media manager at Swim Performance and – brands of the ATX-Training GmbH.
Since 2017 I am also managing Marco Koch, the European and World Champion.
I am looking forward to supporting you with my experiences on your way to the top!

In 1999 I started swimming in a club. 10 years later I began to take over tasks within the executive board as well as on the pool deck as a coach. Until today I am member of the executive board in a swim club.

My practical education

ATX-Training GmbH, Fellbach near Stuttgart, Germany: I worked here part-time from May 2017 untilJuly 2020.

My tasks
  • Support in building up the brand Swim Performance
  • Organization and execution of swim events
  • Content production, design and supervision of all social media channels
  • Supervision and administration of the community on all digital channels
  • Design and administration of the homepage
  • Management of World champion, participant of the Olympic Games (2012 and 2016) and former World record holder Marco Koch
  • Support of European champion Reva Foos
  • Support with building up the brand

EY, Seattle, WA: Before my time in New York City I interned 2016 with EY in Seattle, WA as part of the local tax department. A blog post about my time in Seattle here!

My tasks
  • Research regarding tax questions in different sectors of the American taxation law
  • Support in cases about the German taxation law
  • Extraction and summarization of data from several taxation memos and documents
  • Support with the preparation of forms for the American authorities

EY (Ernst & Young): Over a period of four years (2013-2016) I was intern and working student in the Transaction Tax Team in Stuttgart, Germany.

My tasks
  • Support with the preparation of tax returns and review of of tax notices
  • Support in tax planning and design projects, especially the restructuring and transformation of large corporate groups
  • Update and translation of English text modules about several tax topics for EY Reports
  • Support with the preparation of tax opinions and statements about several questions within the tax and commercial law
  • Research regarding tax questions in different German sectors, like the Trade Tax Act, the Transformation Tax Act, the Corporation Tax Act and the Income Tax Act
  • Review of opinions, reports and presentations
  • Preparation of correspondences with clients
  • Support with the development of workflows and a very large project in the sector of the German Foreign Tax Act

EY, New York City: A special time was the three months internship 2016 at the German Tax Desk.

My tasks
  • Research about various tax questions regarding the German Trade, Transformation, Corporation, Income and the Foreign Tax Act
  • Translation of documents (English and German)
  • Support with the development of reports for clients or internal purposes

EY, Stuttgart / University of Hohenheim: From 2014 to 2017 I represented EY as an ambassador and EY Campus Scout at my university.

My tasks
  • Support with the organization and execution of various events inside and outside of the university
  • Independent execution of events and recruiting presentations
  • Maintaining contacts to the chairs of the university
  • Representation of EY on the social media  platforms as well as on Xing and LinkedIn
  • Spreading presenting job openings as well as flyers on the whole campus
  • Participation in workshops and meeting regarding the further development of the role as an EY Campus Scout

Kaufmaennische Schule 1, Stuttgart, Germany (commercial school): As part of my studies I interned a couple of times at this school.

My tasks
  • Work shadowing in different courses, for example for future health care professionals, future sports management assistants and future insurance assistants
  • Preparation and presentation of own lessons
  • Participation in school conferences
  • Participation in additional events with workshops about topics like specialist didactics and psychology

My academical education

After the high school graduation I studied at the University of Hohenheim.

Business Administration, Economics and Business Education (M.Sc.)
Focus areas: business education and international management
Master thesis: Organizational change and innovation in competitive sports – illustrated by the International Swimming League

Business Administration and Economics with Business Education (B.Sc.)
Focus areas: business education, accounting and taxation
Bachelor thesis: Current development within the framework of the shell purchase regulation of the § 8c German Corporation Tax Act

My voluntary activities

Schwimmverein Waiblingen e. V. (swim club, financial consultant and member of the executive board, since 2016), near Stuttgart.

My tasks
  • Development of a young sports club to one of the largest ones in Waiblingen
  • Preparation of finance- and marketing-plans and controlling
  • Processing of the accounting as well as the cooperation with the tax advisor
  • Establishment and development of the own sports center (FitS Waiblingen)
  • Organization and execution of own events like swim meets and donation events
  • Support in the development of marketing-plans and tasks within the press work as well as the further development of the club structure
  • Support in the HR management of the whole staff
  • Content production for the social media channels and the homepage
  • Execution of various tasks within the executive board
  • Support in the acquisition of sponsors and partners
  • Support in the own swim school as coach

TV 1889 Zuffenhausen e. V. (swim department, member of the divisional committee, 2009-2012), Stuttgart, Germany.

My tasks
  • Composing press articles for newsletters and newspapers
  • Support of the own swim school as coach
  • Participation in committee meetings

Knowledge and skills


German – mother tongue
English – business proof
French – basic knowledge

Organization tools:

Trello, ToDoIst

Programs for photography, videography and social media:

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Buffer, Over, Canva, YouTube Studio, Facebook Creator Studio, Adobe Sketch, iMovie


MS Office, WordPress, Wix, Affinity programs

Qualifications and awards:

  • Swim assistant coach certificate (since 2010)
  • Participation in the workshop “basic knowledge about the finances in a sports club” (2017)
  • Participation in the EY IILC – International Intern Leadership Conference, Coronado Springs Resort, Orlando, FL, USA (2016)
  • Admission in the EY exclusive intern promotional program Xperience (2014)

Sports success and participations in contests:

  • Participation in various regional and national swim meets as well as participations in the German University Swim Championship
  • Sport medal of the city of Waiblingen (2015)
  • Participation in the EY Audit Challenge (2016)
  • Participation in the final of the EY Tax Challenge (2015)

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